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Job training programmes in Sweden

In Sweden, job training programs are an important way for individuals to gain the skills and knowledge needed to enter the workforce or to advance in their careers. There are a variety of job training programs available, including both short-term and long-term options.

Bellow training programmes will help you to find your dream job in Sweden. most of these programmes needs you to be live in Sweden already.

Cygni Talent Programme:

Cygni is part of Accenture. With this training cum job programme, you will get the salary by learning. This programme offers recent graduates to learn UI/UX, Frontend, and Backend technologies. 

This is one of the best programmes, if you are searching for jobs in Sweden, they have offices in Stockholm, Linköping, Luleå, Malmö, Göteborg, Östersund, and Umeå. 

Apply here:


Salt is another training programme for those who are looking for a career in the IT field as a developer. They have a 3-4 months intensive training programme and then you will be hired by one of the clients. 

Especially this programme for if you already live in Sweden and have a valid VISA. 

Apply here:


If you are already in Sweden based on asylum, job or dependant visa, Folkuniversitet will help you in teaching Swedish and then in job search. They have different types of programmes available for different types of skilled people, you can choose your next career option with them.

Check here:


OnePartnerGroupAcadamy will train the people different sectors from professional Driving skills to IT skills. They are running the programmes year twice or trice, so please check their website regularly, 

Check here:
New to Sweden? Provides free programmes for those who are looking for a job for the first time in Sweden.

They will help you in preparing your CV, they have a lot of resources to find you a job in Sweden. They are specialised in providing mentorship, Internship programmes, and opportunity to work with established Swedes.  

Check here:


If you are new to Sweden and have an academic degree in engineering, IT, architecture, business, communication, HR or science and looking for a job? Then Jobbspråget is the right place for you. 

They are running the programmes twice. The application periods are July 16th – August 16th and 16th December – 16th January. They have different criteria in order to apply, so please check their website for more information.

Check here:

If you know any job oriented programmes, please write to us in comments.

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