What Job Seekers in Sweden Need to Know about the new subsistence requirement for work permits

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We understand that many of us are eager to pursue career opportunities in Sweden, and we want to keep you updated on the latest changes that might impact your journey. Recently, the Swedish government made a significant decision that affects those applying for work permits in the country.

Higher Subsistence Requirement: What You Need to Know

Starting from 1st November, the Swedish government has increased the subsistence requirement for labor immigrants from SEK 13,000 to SEK 27,360. This change mainly impacts professional groups within service, care, sales, agriculture, gardening, forestry, berry picking, fishing, and professions with shorter training or introduction requirements.

Why the Increase?

The government’s decision aims to strengthen the position of labor immigrants in the job market and counter competition with low wages. The new requirement ensures that a good livelihood for a labor immigrant is a salary of at least 80 percent of the median salary published by Statistics Sweden.

Time of Application Matters

For those applying for work permits, it’s crucial to note that the most recently published median salary at the time of the application governs the consideration. Even if Statistics Sweden updates the median salary during the permit period, the salary must still align with collective agreements or practices in the respective profession or industry.

No Transitional Rules

There are no transitional rules in place. Any applications submitted after November 1 must meet the new requirement, regardless of full-time or part-time employment. If your application was received before November 1, the median salary at the time of application forms the basis for calculation. You can find the median salary here https://www.scb.se/hitta-statistik/sverige-i-siffror/utbildning-jobb-och-pengar/medianloner-i-sverige/

Occupations Affected

Professions primarily affected by the increased subsistence requirement include service, care, sales, agriculture, gardening, forestry, berry picking, fishing, and jobs with shorter training or introduction periods. Approximately one in four workers falls below the new salary requirement, as per Swedish Migration Agency’s statistics.

Exemptions from the Requirement

Workers exempt from the new requirement include individuals using free movement within the EU/EEA, those with or applying for an EU blue card, those with or applying for an ICT permit, and seasonal workers. Additionally, professional coaches, athletes, au pairs, interns in international exchange programs, interns related to higher education, and researchers are not covered by the new requirement.

As you navigate your way through the Swedish job market, it’s essential to stay informed about these changes. We at JobsInSweden.se are here to support you in your job search journey and provide you with the latest updates to help you make informed decisions, you can also search English speaking jobs in our website. 

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