5 Hottest industries - for employees needed in Sweden

5 Hottest industries – for employees needed in Sweden

Are you looking for a job and can start working immediately in Sweden? Despite a tough situation due to the pandemic, many employers are in great need of staff. In addition, many of the vacancies are in occupations that are common as entry-level jobs.

There are 3700 vacancies in https://arbetsformedlingen.se/ website right now. Most of these job posts are in trade&sales, and also great need in health and medical care. After the above two sectors. transport sector, the hospitality industry and in social work.

The pandemic means that people shop more online and reinforces the trend growing in e-commerce sector, with more vacancies in warehousing and customer service.

Personal assistant, housing support, telephone salesman, warehouse worker, customer service employee and care assistant are other examples of professions where there are many vacancies right now.

Professions that often act as a door into the labor market and where the requirements for merit and education are not so high. On the other hand, it is common for employers to want you to have upper secondary school qualifications.

According to Arbetsformedlingen, Here are the top five hottest professional categories in employment provide in Sweden.

5 Hottest industries jobs for employees needed in Sweden

  1. Sales, purchase and marketing
  2. Healthcare
  3. Transport
  4. Hotel, restaurant and catering
  5. Social work

You can search jobs through the https://arbetsformedlingen.se/ website and other sources like Linkedin, Glassdoor and many more ways.

Note: In Sweden, the recommendation will always works, so please ask your friends and family members for any new jobs openings in their organisations.

English speaking Baby sitter job in Stockholm, Sweden

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