Use your Own Network – to get the job in Sweden

Your network is often bigger than you think and can be worth its weight in gold when you are looking for a job. Let your network be your way out into the job market.

Map your network

Go through and make a list of who you know. In addition to your closest friends and family, you probably know, for example, neighbours, former colleagues, acquaintances from courses or training and siblings of friends. The list can be long. Get in touch and tell them you’re looking for a job, and don’t give up if you don’t get a pacifier right away. Think long-term – the next time a job vacancy appears in your network, someone might think of you.

Expand your network

To develop and make your network bigger, you can for example:

  • Consider which people are the smartest to bet on in your network. Are they people who work in your industry, or people who in turn have a lot of contacts?
  • Go to lectures and fairs in the field you are looking for a job. Get in touch and talk to people there.
  • Get in touch with someone you want to get to know better and suggest a lunch or coffee.
  • Go through your contacts on Facebook, Linkedin and other social media carefully. Does anyone work in your industry? Or who in turn have contacts in your industry? Then it may be time to contact you and ask if he can introduce you to people who seem interesting.
  • In social media, it is easy to both explore, develop and use your network to search for a job. For example, groups are very good places to make new contacts.

Your network is the shortcut into the company

Do you have someone in your network who works at a company where you want to work? Get in touch and tell them that you are looking for a job and that you are interested in working at the company, and with what. Suggest a lunch or coffee so you can find out more about the company and tell more about yourself. Start by listening and asking questions. Pay attention to areas where you can fit in and direct the conversation to what interests you. Perhaps he can put you in touch with the person responsible for your area.

Find key people

Go to fairs, breakfast seminars and other events where your profession moves. Mingle with other participants. The chances are good that you have common interests and it will be a natural entrance to conversation. Tell them you are looking for a job. It can be useful to hand out business cards to people you have spoken with and to add them to your contacts on Linkedin.

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