Are you looking for Newspaper distribution jobs in Stockholm? (18 jobs – available)

Premo, looking for newspaper distributors / delivery boys in Stockholm. Premo distributes newspapers, magazines and packages in the Stockholm region. 60 different nationalities working in Premo as a news paper distributors. There are 18 jobs available right now.

Newspaper delivery/distribution jobs

About Premo:

Premo was founded in 1971. Our business idea is to have a flexible and qualitative distribution of newspapers, magazines and packages in the Stockholm region. We are proud of being a multi-cultural business with employees representing more than 60 nationalities.

Searching for News Paper delivery persons

* Enjoys a physical work

* Enjoys working independently at night

* Is at least 18 years old

* Has a car and a European driver’s license

* Speaks English or Swedish

You will work with distribution of newspapers, magazines and packages to apartments and houses. You will work on different locations, the majority of the work will be on the north side of Stockholm.

We’re looking for people who enjoy physical work and working alone at night. You should be accurate, flexible, effective and service minded.

We can offer an independant and active job. It is a part time job and the average amount of working hours per night is 2-3 hours.

Selections and interviews are ongoing and the position may be appointed before the application deadline. Personal suitability will be important.

Premo welcomes and works for diversity, inclusion and equal treatment.

For more details about the positions, please check them right now, Premo recruits continuously. If you know some one there, it would be an advantage.

Click here to apply Premo Jobs In Stockholm

Note: we have updating newspaper distribution jobs here, please check the list

Tip: If you know some one who is working now with them or worked previously, you can ask them to give reference for this job. You should know, here in Sweden, reference is the key to find any types of jobs.

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