Plumber jobs in Stockholm

Plumber jobs in Stockholm?

Are you looking for Plumber jobs in Stockholm? then those jobs are available with DPS Bygg and VVS AB companies.

DPS Bygg and VVS AB began its tasks in 2017 and is basically cantered around plumbing establishments, yet additionally has a more modest development business with for the most part washroom remodels and other redesign projects. We are as of now six representatives and we currently need to enlist one more handyman with something like 10 years’ insight.

Best Plumber jobs in Stockholm

Your highlights:

To prevail as a handyman at D.P.S Bygg and VVS requires an enormous proportion of own liability and to have the option to tackle issues and circumstances that emerge. At our working environments there is an enormous blend of dialects, ​​but it is a necessity that you know sufficient Swedish or English to have the option to purchase material at our providers.

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Information in Romanian is a legitimacy, yet all at once excessive.

Regarding the application:

If it’s not too much trouble, note that we just acknowledge applications and questions through email to: [email protected]

Your profile

LANGUAGE: Swedish or then again English or Romanian

Driving permit: B – Must have a driver’s permit

Work: Everyday work


  • 10 years experience as a handyman
  • Fundamental information in Swedish or English
  • B driver’s permit
  • Great arranging capacity
  • High pressure opposition
  • Great critical thinking capacity
  • Self-impelled

Regarding the application

If it’s not too much trouble, note that we just acknowledge applications and inquiries by email to: [email protected]

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