Klarna – English Speaking Associates (50 – jobs)

Hello everyone, Happy new year!

Klarna AB, looking for 50 – English speaking associates for their different teams in service sector. I think, this is huge opportunity for all English speaking people in Sweden.

Klarna – English Speaking Associates

Here is a description of some of the teams within Service Center:
Dispute resolutions: “Are you a detective who loves to solve tricky problems? In that case, Klarna’s department for disputes might be something for you. We are working as the spider in the net to solve disputes between merchants and customers. Your work tasks can be compared to a judge who makes an objective assessment to solve the issues best way possible.”

Merchant Support: “The people at Klarnas merchant support are a dedicated team with the main focus of helping our merchants who use Klarnas payment methods. We support the merchants with daily and varied questions, which can be anything from technical issues to administrative tasks. If you are a driven person who loves to deliver good service, this is the team for you.”

Customer Service: “Do you like to collaborate and have flexible work tasks? For Klarna’s Customer Service department no day is the other day alike. We are a team that works with everything from data protection to the customer’s experience in the contact they have with our first line teams. Do you want to work close to your colleagues and Klarnas core business this is the right team for you.”

Collection Back Office:klarna’s Back Office team within debt collection is a small and ambitious team. The team works, among other things, with solving disputes between customers and merchants, make decisions regarding which step should be the next in the debt collection chain and handle civil actions in court. In excess of this, they handle the booking of payments, decedent estate, bankruptcy, debt reconstruction and more.”

  • You should have
  • Negotiation and conflict resolution skills
  • Working proficiency and communication skills in verbal and written English
  • Native level in the following languages: English Preferably additional language skills in one of the following: Spanish, Italian, French

Please send your CV to [email protected] before February 5th 2022. Thanks for being with us.

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