Production Manager (Tunneling)

Production Manager (Tunneling)

Minnovation International AB

About job:

About the role: Production manager Tunnel supports the Project manager to lead and plan the tunnel works together with the Production manager Civil Works and make decisions together with the Project manager.

The Production manager Tunnel are responsible for all tunneling work until final inspection and handover. Production Manager Tunnel is a part of the project management team. Examples of core areas but not limited to the role.

- Assist the Project manager with planning and execution of critical project activities. - Lead and analyze critical activities/bottle necks - Prepare plans/instructions for develop/improve the production and productivity.

- Lead and set up processes for required information about actual execution and resources used/not used at brake down etc. - Predict effects and scenarios dependent of new and known circumstances and visualize its effects.

Can assess if circumstances/events will lead to change orders (according AB04/ABT06) and or time extensions and prepare such claims together with Project manager. - Handle both production time plan and contract time plan.

And keep track of versions. - Submit and present effects in understandable terms for the client and CRTG management. - Conduct and hold meetings internally and explain where we are (ahead or behind) and if productivity have increased or decreased from previously month and the reason.

- Come up with suggestions of changed production and or change in resources. - Plan the work in Gant-diagram so as even/steady number of people is planed over time and asses how ramp up or ramp down will happen.

- Comply and work after the instructions/procedures from HSEQ Manager, response all site activates, workers in safety condition, and the quality of production shall be within the requirements of contract, TB etc.

- Conduct and hold workshops on a weekly base (or more frequent) to plan and present the main activities for the site team and make sure Tunnel managers hold morning meetings with day’s activities in a visual planning manner.

- Support Cost controller in practical cost control work follow the CRTG systems. - Support and follow up time planning. - Prepare cause and effect (visualization of time impact) consequences compared to the contract time schedule together with the Time planner.

- Support Project manager in argumentations and provide adequate verifications towards the client in changes in scope of contract. - Change orders, changes in BOQ and time effects and explain/defend such events internally and externally towards the client.

- Instruct, educate, and cooperate with tunnel engineers, tunnel supervisors in taking responsibilities in document administration and contract issues. - Write site diary, and visualized and explain main activities, weather, number of people and resources, change orders, instructions, or non-instructions from client etc.

- Make decision on critical activities and inform Project manager. - Instruct and work with the responsible managers for planning workshop facilities and equipment planning, repair, and service. - Communicate and build meaningful relationships with employees, subcontractors, and suppliers.

- Be a part of the tender team. - Customer’s satisfaction. - Improve cashflow. - Zero work site accidents. - Employee satisfaction. - Comply with the CRTGs values, policy, and code of conduct. - Ad hoc - Other task / project can be considered.

Qualifications and Education Requirements: - University education, relevant Master or Bachelor degree. - Minimum 10 years working experience in tunnel business. - BAS-U certificate - Strong insights of the tunneling business.

- Fluent in Swedish and English. - Driving license. Skills: - Depth knowledge of leadership. - Strong communication and organizations skills. - Empathic and supportive. - Self-going, problem-solving and innovative abilities.

How to apply

Apply through: apply before Sunday, September 3rd, 2023 11:59 pm


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