Full stack AEM / Java Developer to Marketing & Communication IT

Full stack AEM / Java Developer to Marketing & Communication IT

Scania CV AB

About job:

Scania is currently undergoing an exciting transformation from a traditional truck manufacturer to a provider of complete sustainable transport solutions. IT is a crucial part of this transformation as Scania’s success is depending on flexible and efficient IT solutions that support current and future business requirements.

At Scania our purpose is to drive the shift towards a sustainable transport system, creating a world of mobility that is better for business, society, and the environment. Working at Marketing and Communications IT, you get the opportunity to be part of this shift also driving Scania’s digital transformation.

You will work in a team of skilled and motivated developers with a very strong team spirit. We learn and grow together as we constantly move toward new challenges in technology and creative ideas for marketing.

Our ambition is to work in an agile way, and we continuously drive our agile abilities.

Our four teams are working with Scania's external web experience with a focus on content management, digital asset management, marketing automation, and customer data analytics.

Our team is currently looking for a full-stack Java Developer preferably with experience from Adobe Experience Manager and other Adobe marketing platforms to help us secure our exciting cloud journey towards a fully functional architecture.

Your Role

In this position, you have an opportunity to drive development for integrations between our different platforms and help out developing apps, components and functionality for our AEM platforms and websites.

Potentially you can support with data engineering and build data pipelines for analysis and execution. You also have good frontend knowledge to shape the full solution as a foundation for building our next-generation websites.

You’re participating in all aspects of the work, supporting our colleagues in building a setup for the future. You will work with systems that are critical for our business and have frequent communication with POs and teams.

Your Skill

We coach our teams to become autonomous and agile, therefore expect you to be familiar with agile methods and thrive to work in an agile environment. To be a good fit, you should also be curious to learn new technologies and love to share your knowledge & ideas with others.

We expect you to have +5 years of development experience and continuous delivery, and of course that you are familiar with the technologies and tools that we work with or is eager to learn. To succeed in this role we believe that you are an expert in Java but with a wide knowledge in other related technologies to Content Management, integrations and that you have good experience of preferably AWS but also Azure.

You also need to have an interest in and some knowledge of DevOps and CI/CD pipelines.

  • At least 5 years of experience.
  • Degree in Computer Science, Software/Game Development, or equivalent practical experience.

  • Good understanding of software development concepts, debugging processes and procedures.
  • Has experience or understanding of the Adobe Marketing platforms.
  • Great communication skills – ability to communicate effectively with developers and other key stakeholders having knowledge in Java


  • Experience of Adobe Experience Manager
  • Knowledge of Adobe Analytics
  • Knowledge of Adobe Marketo

Our Culture

You will join a great diverse and competent team with a friendly, helpful and inclusive atmosphere.

The team has a common vision of the goals and values, allowing us to take our jobs seriously while having fun at the same time. We care for each other’s personal development to learn, grow and evolve, in order to make our deliveries the best we can produce.

Be yourself and reveal your talents!


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