Escape Room Game Master (evenings & weekends)

Escape Room Game Master (evenings & weekends)

Fox in a box Stockholm AB

About job:

We are looking to hire part-time Game Masters at Fox in a Box Stockholm.

Your job as a game master is to introduce the rooms to the customers, watch over them, give hints and clues as they play games, and make sure they are having a good time as well as keeping your work environment up and running.


• Engage with customers before they step into the room, delivering the pre-game briefing

• Provide help to the players inside the room with subtle and timely clues if needed.

This is done either remotely via CCTV or in person as an “in-game character”

• Once they’ve escaped (or failed to escape!) finish their experience with a personalized debrief

• Other than running the games and helping clients, you will also have various other duties.

This includes keeping a daily log of booking information, reporting problems to the appropriate channels, and keeping your work environment neat and organised.


• Cool head - You’re always working against the clock but excellent service is always key.

• Rapport - Easily connect with customers and engage with them about the experience.

• Logical - You have to love solving problems - there may be a few!

• Fun – Being a part of the team and making the team work fun should be the key.

•Responsible – Owning the responsibility and following up with each other makes the work excellent.

This part-time position will cover primarily weekends (any time between 9am - 11pm) and possibly some evenings during the week days.

Previous experience with escape rooms or customer service is a bonus. We are an English speaking company, so a good level of English is a must!

If you are interested in the position, please apply by sending your CV with a cover letter to

[email protected]

se with the reference “PT GM”.

Applications must be received in English.

Immediate start.

How to apply

Send Email to: [email protected] send your application before Friday, October 14th, 2022 11:59 pm


Sveavägen 14
Stockholms län

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