IT Manager for International English School in Stockholm

Internationella Engelska Skolan is seeking a driven and passionate IT Manager to our school in Sundbyberg. As an IT Manager you will work closely with the students, teachers and other staff and be part of the Administration Team. You believe in IES values and ethos and think that a safe and orderly environment is the key for learning. You believe in each child and are interested in finding solutions for every given situation. As a person you are calm, reliable but at the same time firm.

IT Manager for International English School Jobs in Stockholm

Our vision is to be a digital school with blended learning and you have an important role in this development. You will work closely with the Academic Manager and the Administrative team. The IT manager shall have a clear, positive and respectful communication with the students in order to support and guide them.

Reports to the Principal

100% Full-time.


  • Responsible for the IT policy and that it is implemented and followed
  • Carrying out technical duties to maintain the IT systems
  • Maintaining the mobile learning devices (carts) and projectors in the classrooms. We work mainly with G Suit for education.
  • Supporting students and staff with user management for our systems (i.e. google drive, schoolsoft).
  • Training staff to use existing and future products and services.
  • Driving the development of the school through IT solutions, proactively looking for ways that IT can improve learning.
  • Liaising with service providers to resolve daily service issues

Knowledge – Strong understanding of the IES vision, ethos and values

– Experience of working well with others or as part of a team
– Bilingual with English and Swedish
– Excellent knowledge of It and software
– Experienced in digital learning
– Basic understanding of student care and pedagogic

– Good communicator and relationship builder
– Structured and organised
– Honest, reliable and trustworthy
– Calm

Please apply before 31st August 2021. Here is the link to apply

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