Baby Sitting Jobs in Stockholm

English speaking Baby Sitter jobs – Solna, Stockholm (1 jobb)

The family in Stenhamra, Stockholm, Sweden needs English speaking baby sitter with getting their children’s from preschool and childcare.

Two youngsters: 6 and 10 years of age;

Working hours: 1-2 days 15.00-18.00;

Start: quickly

This is a part-time job, so you can pick which days suits you. An exceptionally awesome additional occupation basically!

we are looking for you
  • Appreciates working with kids, is dependable and solid;
  • Have another primary occupation, for example studies or low maintenance occupations;
  • Is innovative and social;
  • Searching for a drawn out work and have the chance to function as a sitter until the late spring of 2022;
  • Can talk familiar English


  • An additional a work 1-3 evenings every week between 15.00-19.00;

serious compensation. We offer a decent beginning compensation contrasted with our rivals;

Detailed references. We ensure that every worker generally leaves with a composed, complete reference from their experience with us;

  • consistent help with us at the administrative centre and contact with different sitters;
  • obligation and mishap protection;
  • fair terms.

We generally check your references and solicitation removes from the charge register.

Please apply here:

Note:This specific task/family isn’t reasonable for you, yet you are eager to work as a baby sitter in future? Send your application and we will assist you to find another job as a baby sitter.

English speaking babysitter

About Barnakademin:
TheBarnakademin has provided families in Sweden with childcare of the highest quality since 2008. We offer our customers creative childcare in Swedish, but we also specialise in bilingual babysitters – “Bilingual Babysitters”.

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